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NAME         top

       pkgtorrent-service(8) Is a python WSGI web application that can
       generate BitTorrent files for binary files available from the web

SYNOPSIS         top

       The program should installed on a site local yum mirror and must
       be configured before use. See pkgtorrent-service.conf(5) for more

USAGE         top

       The primary use case for this service is implemented in

       There is a secondary interface to assist with simple file
       downloads involving a single path.

EXAMPLE         top

              $ curl > file

       can be converted to using BitTorrent with:

              $ curl > file.torrent
              $ btclient file.torrent

       Note the repetition of path before the service name, and the
       addition of torrent_service/single to pass control to the single
       path mode.  Simple file mode supports simple globbing, so you can
       specify .../directory/*.foo.  If the path resolves to only one
       file, the multi-file support in the .torrent file is skipped,
       making the downloaded file easier to handle.

INPUT FILES         top

              The service needs to include one or more BitTorrent
              tracker servers.  The format is one "announce" URL per
              line. Example: This text
              file is scanned each minute for updates.

OUTPUT FILES         top

       The service makes extensive use of cache files. The files are
       relatively small. It is recommended you periodically clean these
       caches for files not used in the past month or so.

              This directory caches info_hashes for the previously
              requested path digests.  These are used with the current
              list of trackers to generate .torrent files in constant

              Every file within a torrent is represented by a list of
              SHA1 digests, one for each blocksize of the file.  The
              SHA1 list is expensive to generate.  The same binaries may
              be downloaded in different permutations by different
              clients.  The cache is invalidated if the original file
              has a different mtime or is a different size.

BUGS         top

       Single file mode should be called simple.

AUTHOR         top

       Matthew Almond <>

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                              09 MARCH 2016        pkgtorrent-service(8)

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