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       yum-torrent.conf(5) is the configuration file for yum-torrent(1)
       Yum plugin to download and seed packages via BitTorrent.  This
       configuration specifies which BitTorrent client to use, how to
       interact with it, and a number of timing parameters.  Of
       particular note is the {seed_time} substitution.  The benefit of
       using BitTorrent is partially attributable to clients contining
       to seed their torrents some time after they have completed their
       download.  yum-torrent(1) employs an exponential decay algorithm
       seeded from the hostname and torrent info_hash.  All clients will
       seed for at least seed_min After that, the number of seeders will
       decay as the probability of other hosts also needing the same set
       of packages will also decrease.

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[main] OPTIONS         top

              A specific relative path on the http repository where the
              pkgtorrent-service(8) is configured. See also
              pkgtorrent-service.conf(5) for more. Defaults to

       client Fully qualified path to BitTorrent client that accepts a
              single positional torrent filename that will download into
              the current working directory.  Required.

              Additional command line parameters passed to client on
              startup.  A substitution named {seed_time} is available.
              This is measured in seconds and can be used to instruct
              the BitTorrent client to seed for a variable time once the
              download is completed.

              The text to match anywhere from the logged stdout of the
              client signaling the package files have been downloaded.
              This allows the client to continue to run and seed the
              torrent file for others.

[timeouts] OPTIONS         top

       All the values in this section are positive integers measured in

              The maximum time to wait for the message complete to
              appear in the log file.  If a download with the plugin
              fails for any reason yum will not find the downloaded rpm
              files in /var/cache/yum directory. It will fall back on
              the internal download mechanism.

              The minimum value for {seed_time}. Default 900 (15
              minutes).  It is recommended you set this to the same time
              as your configuration management interval.

              The maximum value for {seed_time}. Default 86400 (1 day).

              Delete the padding nullfiles after this time period.

       cache  At the end of each run, /var/cache/yum_torrent is
              examined. Any files not touched in this time period are
              deleted, and empty directories are removed.  Note: If yum
              is not run for an extended period, this garbage collection
              will not happen.

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       Matthew Almond <malmond@fb.com>

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