Linux/UNIX Programming Courses Taught by Michael Kerrisk

Course list:

Linux/UNIX system programming

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I teach both "standard" and tailored Linux and UNIX system programming courses of varying length, based on the content of The Linux Programming Interface.

"Standard" courses are normally five days long, and include extensive practical programming sessions. The content may vary a little, according to specific topic requests and time constraints, but in broad terms will cover the following topics:

By default, the course is oriented towards Linux, but the Linux-specific material is clearly delineated. The course is thus also useful to attendees working on other UNIX systems such as FreeBSD, Solaris, HPU-UX, and AIX.

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Linux/UNIX network programming

The Linux/UNIX network programming course covers network programming using the sockets API on Linux and UNIX systems. The content of the course is based on the network programming chapters of The Linux Programming Interface, but adds a significant amount of supplementary material.

This two-day course covers the following topics:

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Programming with POSIX threads

This one-day course covers the key features of programming with POSIX threads, including the following topics:

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