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yum-torrent(1)           General Commands Manual          yum-torrent(1)

NAME         top

       yum-torrent - download packages via http and peer-to-peer

DESCRIPTION         top

       yum-torrent extends the behaviour of yum by downloading then
       seeding packages via BitTorrent.  Once installed and configured,
       the plugin works transparently.

FILES         top

       yum-torrent makes extensive use of cache files. The BitTorrent
       client's cwd is set to the root of the cache by default.  All
       generated .torrent files are guaranteed to contain files in
       subdirectories.  Once a torrent download is complete the files
       are hard or soft linked to the path in /var/cache/yum where yum
       will look before starting it's own downloads, bypassing it.

       yum-torrent will automatically clean up unused files and
       directories left over from previous runs.


AUTHOR         top

       Matthew Almond <malmond@fb.com>

SEE ALSO         top

       yum-torrent.conf(5), pkgtorrent-service(8),

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                              09 MARCH 2016               yum-torrent(1)

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