PVRESIZE(8)                System Manager's Manual               PVRESIZE(8)

NAME         top

       pvresize — resize a disk or partition in use by LVM2

SYNOPSIS         top

       pvresize [--commandprofile ProfileName] [-d|--debug] [-h|--help]
       [-t|--test] [-v|--verbose] [--version] [--reportformat {basic|json}]
       [--setphysicalvolumesize size] PhysicalVolume [PhysicalVolume...]

DESCRIPTION         top

       pvresize resizes PhysicalVolume which may already be in a volume
       group and have active logical volumes allocated on it.

OPTIONS         top

       See lvm(8) for common options.

       --setphysicalvolumesize size
              Overrides the automatically-detected size of the PV.  Use with
              care, or prior to reducing the physical size of the device.

EXAMPLES         top

       Expand the PV on /dev/sda1 after enlarging the partition with fdisk:

       pvresize /dev/sda1

       Shrink the PV on /dev/sda1 prior to shrinking the partition with
       fdisk (ensure that the PV size is appropriate for your intended new
       partition size):

       pvresize --setphysicalvolumesize 40G /dev/sda1

RESTRICTIONS         top

       pvresize will refuse to shrink PhysicalVolume if it has allocated
       extents after where its new end would be. In the future, it should
       relocate these elsewhere in the volume group if there is sufficient
       free space, like pvmove does.

       pvresize won't currently work correctly on LVM1 volumes.

SEE ALSO         top

       lvm(8), pvmove(8), lvresize(8), fdisk(8)

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