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Linux and UNIX programming training and consulting by Michael Kerrisk

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Course overview

The following diagram provides an overview of the relationship between the various courses that are listed below. This overview is also available as a PDF. PDF icon

Course overview

Course delivery options

Course can be delivered in the following formats:

Pricing for public is provided under the descriptions of each course. For information on booking and pricing of onsite and virtual onsite courses, please contact

Course days are typically around 8.5 hours (including breaks). For onsite and (especially) for virtual onsite courses, there are flexible options for delivery. For example, courses may be spread over more days, to allow for shorter training days, or longer courses can be split into pieces that are delivered in different weeks. Contact for more information.

Course list

The following is a list of courses provided by, along with dates for public instances of the courses.

Course name Next public courses (Europe timezones) Next public courses (Americas timezones)
Linux/UNIX System Programming
(5 days; code: M7D-LUSP01)

13-17 Feb. 2023
Video camera online

13-17 Mar. 2023
Video camera online

Linux Security and Isolation APIs
(4 days; code: M7D-SECISOL02)

25-28 Apr. 2023
Video camera online

21-24 Mar. 2023
Video camera online

Linux Security and Isolation APIs Fundamentals
(2 days; code: M7D-SISINTRO01)
System Programming for Linux Containers
(5 days; code: M7D-SPLC02)

24-28 Apr. 2023
Video camera online

20-24 Mar. 2023
Video camera online

Building and Using Shared Libraries on Linux
(2 days; code: M7D-SHLIB03)

13-14 July 2023
Video camera online

10-12 July 2023
Video camera online

Linux/UNIX System Programming Fundamentals
(2 days; code: M7D-SPINTRO01)

13-14 Feb. 2023
Video camera online

13-14 Mar. 2023
Video camera online

Linux/UNIX Threads and IPC Programming
(3 days; code: M7D-TIPC01)

15-17 Feb. 2023
Video camera online

15-17 Mar. 2023
Video camera online

Linux Control Groups (Cgroups)
(1 day; code: M7D-CGROUPS02)

28 Apr. 2023
Video camera online

24 Mar. 2023
Video camera online

Linux Capabilities and Namespaces
(2 days; code: M7D-CAPNS01)

25-26 Apr. 2022
Video camera online

21-22 Mar. 2023
Video camera online

Linux Secure Computing (Seccomp)
(1 day; code: M7D-SECCOMP01)
Linux/UNIX IPC Programming
(3 days; code: M7D-IPC02)
Linux/UNIX Network Programming
(3 days; code: M7D-NWP02)


POSIX Threads Programming
(1 day; code: M7D-PTHR01)
Linux/UNIX System Programming Essentials
(1 day; code: M7D-SPESS01)

24 Apr. 2023
Video camera online

20 Mar. 2023
Video camera online

Tailored versions of the above courses are also available. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

About the trainer

Michael Kerrisk After focusing on programming and writing for some years, I am now once more conducting frequent training courses on Linux/UNIX system programming and a number of related programming topics that are of particular relevance for developers of low-level user-space applications in domains ranging from embedded to enterprise server systems.

I work closely with my customers, providing personalized assessment of their training needs, and where necessary customizing my courses to those needs. My customers range from small and medium-sized businesses to multinational companies and governments.

Past and present customers include BMW, Google, Cisco Systems, VMware, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Container Solutions, and the French, British, and American governments. (References from past and current customers are available upon request.)

I have a unique set of qualifications and experience that ensure course participants receive training of a very high standard:

For further information about the trainer, as well as many other reasons why you might want to choose training courses, please see reasons to choose training.


I provide consulting expertise in the same areas as the courses listed above. Please get in contact to discuss details.


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