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ERROR::PASS5(7stap)                                  ERROR::PASS5(7stap)

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       warning::pass5 - systemtap pass-5 warnings

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       Warnings that occur during pass 5 (execution) can have a variety
       of causes.

       probe insertion errors
              With any of the systemtap runtimes, it may be possible
              that the backends are unable to insert probe points
              requested by the systemtap script.  For example, you may
              see errors such as

              WARNING: probe [...] registration error (rc -524)

              (524 is a kernel error code for ENOTSUPP).  These
              situations are out of systemtap's control, and result in
              some probes not receiving any hits.  This may be caused by
              temporary resource constraints or permanent problems.  One
              common permanent problem is such a probe point being
              placed at instructions that the runtime (kernel kprobes,
              uprobes or dyninst) cannot decode or intercept.  A
              possible workaround is to move the probe points slightly
              in the script, so as to target a nearby statement, or a
              caller, or a callee.  See also error::dwarf(7stap).


       Increasing the verbosity of pass-5 with an option such as --vp
       00001 can help pinpoint the problem.

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       http://sourceware.org/systemtap/wiki/TipExhaustedResourceErrors ,

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