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UUID_TIME(3)                     Libuuid API                    UUID_TIME(3)

NAME         top

       uuid_time - extract the time at which the UUID was created

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <uuid.h>

       time_t uuid_time(uuid_t uu, struct timeval *ret_tv)

DESCRIPTION         top

       The uuid_time function extracts the time at which the supplied time-
       based UUID uu was created.  Note that the UUID creation time is only
       encoded within certain types of UUIDs.  This function can only
       reasonably expect to extract the creation time for UUIDs created with
       the uuid_generate_time(3) and uuid_generate_time_safe(3) functions.
       It may or may not work with UUIDs created by other mechanisms.

RETURN VALUE         top

       The time at which the UUID was created, in seconds since January 1,
       1970 GMT (the epoch), is returned (see time(2)).  The time at which
       the UUID was created, in seconds and microseconds since the epoch, is
       also stored in the location pointed to by ret_tv (see

AUTHORS         top

       Theodore Y. Ts'o

SEE ALSO         top

       uuid(3), uuid_clear(3), uuid_compare(3), uuid_copy(3),
       uuid_generate(3), uuid_is_null(3), uuid_parse(3), uuid_unparse(3)

AVAILABILITY         top

       libuuid is part of the util-linux package since version 2.15.1 and is
       available from https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/util-linux/.

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util-linux                        May 2009                      UUID_TIME(3)

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