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       The yum-fs-snapshot package

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       yum-fs-snapshot(1) is a Yum plugin for taking snapshots of your
       filesystems before running a yum transaction.  By default it will
       take a snapshot of any filesystem that can be snapshotted, which
       currently is limited to BTRFS filesystems.  However, all
       filesystems built on LVM logical volumes may be snapshotted at
       the block level using LVM snapshots.  LVM snapshot support is
       provided for the purpose of system rollback.  As such LVM
       snapshots will only be created if the kernel supports the
       "snapshot-merge" DM target.

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       yum-fs-snapshot uses a configuration file for its specific
       actions: /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/fs-snapshot.conf

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       Josef Bacik <josef@toxicpanda.com>
       Mike Snitzer <msnitzer@fedoraproject.org>

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       yum(1) yum-fs-snapshot.conf(5)

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                             3 February 2010          YUM-FS-SNAPSHOT(1)

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