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tzselect(8)              System Manager's Manual             tzselect(8)

NAME         top

       tzselect - select a timezone

SYNOPSIS         top

       tzselect [ -c coord ] [ -n limit ] [ --help ] [ --version ]

DESCRIPTION         top

       The tzselect program asks the user for information about the
       current location, and outputs the resulting timezone to standard
       output.  The output is suitable as a value for the TZ environment

       All interaction with the user is done via standard input and
       standard error.

OPTIONS         top

       -c coord
              Instead of asking for continent and then country and then
              city, ask for selection from time zones whose largest
              cities are closest to the location with geographical
              coordinates coord.  Use ISO 6709 notation for coord, that
              is, a latitude immediately followed by a longitude.  The
              latitude and longitude should be signed integers followed
              by an optional decimal point and fraction: positive
              numbers represent north and east, negative south and west.
              Latitudes with two and longitudes with three integer
              digits are treated as degrees; latitudes with four or six
              and longitudes with five or seven integer digits are
              treated as DDMM, DDDMM, DDMMSS, or DDDMMSS representing DD
              or DDD degrees, MM minutes, and zero or SS seconds, with
              any trailing fractions represent fractional minutes or (if
              SS is present) seconds.  The decimal point is that of the
              current locale.  For example, in the (default) C locale,
              -c +40.689-074.045 specifies 40.689 degrees N, 74.045
              degrees W, -c +4041.4-07402.7 specifies 40 degrees 41.4
              minutes N, 74 degrees 2.7 minutes W, and
              -c +404121-0740240 specifies 40 degrees 41 minutes 21
              seconds N, 74 degrees 2 minutes 40 seconds W.  If coord is
              not one of the documented forms, the resulting behavior is

       -n limit
              When -c is used, display the closest limit locations
              (default 10).

       --help Output help information and exit.

              Output version information and exit.


       AWK    Name of a POSIX-compliant awk program (default: awk).

       TZDIR  Name of the directory containing timezone data files
              (default: /usr/share/zoneinfo).

FILES         top

              Table of ISO 3166 2-letter country codes and country

              Table of country codes, latitude and longitude, timezones,
              and descriptive comments.

              Timezone data file for timezone TZ.

EXIT STATUS         top

       The exit status is zero if a timezone was successfully obtained
       from the user, nonzero otherwise.

SEE ALSO         top

       newctime(3), tzfile(5), zdump(8), zic(8)

NOTES         top

       Applications should not assume that tzselect's output matches the
       user's political preferences.

Time Zone Database                                           tzselect(8)

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