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       systemd-makefs@.service, systemd-mkswap@.service, systemd-
       growfs@.service, systemd-makefs, systemd-growfs - Creating and
       growing file systems on demand

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       systemd-makefs@.service, systemd-mkswap@.service, and
       systemd-growfs@.service are used to implement the x-systemd.makefs
       and x-systemd.growfs options in fstab(5), see systemd.mount(5). They
       are instantiated for each device for which the file system or swap
       structure needs to be initialized, and for each mount point where the
       file system needs to be grown.

       These services are started at boot, either right before or right
       after the mount point or swap device are used.

       systemd-makefs knows very little about specific file systems and swap
       devices, and after checking that the block device does not already
       contain a file system or other content, it will execute binaries
       specific to each filesystem type (/sbin/mkfs.type or /sbin/mkswap).

       systemd-growfs knows very little about specific file systems and swap
       devices, and will instruct the kernel to grow the mounted filesystem
       to full size of the underlying block device. Nevertheless, it needs
       to know the ioctl(2) number specific to each file system, so only
       certain types are supported. Currently: ext4(5), btrfs(5), xfs(5),
       and dm-crypt partitions (see cryptsetup(8)).

       If the creation of a file system or swap device fails, the mount
       point or swap is failed too. If the growing of a file system fails, a
       warning is emitted.

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       systemd(1), systemd.mount(8), systemd-fstab-generator(8),
       systemd-repart(8), mkfs.btrfs(8), mkfs.cramfs(8), mkfs.ext4(8),
       mkfs.fat(8), mkfs.hfsplus(8), mkfs.minix(8), mkfs.ntfs(8),

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