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RPMLUA(8)                                                      RPMLUA(8)

NAME         top

       rpmlua - RPM Lua interpreter

SYNOPSIS         top

       rpmlua [{-e|--execute} “STATEMENT”] [{-i|--interactive}]
       [SCRIPT_FILE] [arg1 ...]

DESCRIPTION         top

       Run RPM internal Lua interpreter.

       Note: indexes start at 1 in Lua, so the program name is at arg[1]
       instead of the more customary index zero.

              Run an interactive session after executing optional script
              or statement.

              Perform getopt(3) option processing on the passed
              arguments according to OPTSTRING.

              Execute a Lua statement before executing optional script.

EXAMPLES         top

       Execute test.lua script file:

              rpmlua test.lua

       Execute args.lua script file with option processing:

              rpmlua –opts=ab:c args.lua – 1 2 3 -c -b5

       Execute single statement to compare rpm versions:

              rpmlua -e “print(rpm.ver(`1.0') < rpm.ver(`2.0'))”

       Run an interactive session:

              rpmlua -i

SEE ALSO         top

       lua(1), popt(3), getopt(3), rpm(8)

       http://www.rpm.org/ <URL:http://www.rpm.org/>

AUTHORS         top

              Panu Matilainen <pmatilai@redhat.com>

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                            17 December 2021                   RPMLUA(8)