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RPM2ARCHIVE(8)                                            RPM2ARCHIVE(8)

NAME         top

       rpm2archive - Create tar archive from RPM Package Manager (RPM)

SYNOPSIS         top

       rpm2archive {-n|--nocompression} {-f|--format=pax|cpio} FILES

DESCRIPTION         top

       rpm2archive converts the .rpm files specified as arguments to tar
       archives on standard out.

       If a '-' argument is given, an rpm stream is read from standard

       If standard out is connected to a terminal, the output is written
       to tar files with a ".tgz" suffix, gzip compressed by default.

       In opposite to rpm2cpio rpm2archive also works with RPM packages
       containing files greater than 4GB which are not supported by

OPTIONS         top

       -n, --nocompression
              Generate uncompressed tar archive and use ".tar" as post‐
              fix of the file name.

       -f, --format=pax|cpio
              Generate archive in specified format: pax (the default
              format) or cpio.  Note that the cpio format cannot host
              files over 4GB in size and is only supported here for
              backwards compatibility.

EXAMPLES         top

       rpm2archive glint-1.0-1.i386.rpm | tar -xvz
       rpm2archive glint-1.0-1.i386.rpm ; tar -xvz
       cat glint-1.0-1.i386.rpm | rpm2archive - | tar -tvz

SEE ALSO         top

       rpm2cpio(8), rpm(8)

AUTHOR         top

              Florian Festi <ffesti@redhat.com>

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       This page is part of the rpm (RPM Package Manager) project.  In‐
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                             27 January 2020              RPM2ARCHIVE(8)

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