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RPM-PRIORESET(8)                                        RPM-PRIORESET(8)

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       rpm-plugin-prioreset - Plugin for the RPM Package Manager to fix
       issues with priorities of deamons on SysV init

Description         top

       In general scriptlets run with the same priority as rpm itself.
       However on legacy SysV init systems, properties of the parent
       process can be inherited by the actual daemons on restart.  As a
       result daemons may end up with unwanted nice or ionice values.
       This plugin resets the scriptlet process priorities after fork‐
       ing, and can be used to counter that effect.  Should not be used
       with systemd because it's not needed there, and the effect is

Configuration         top

       There are currently no options for this plugin in particular.
       See rpm-plugins(8) on how to control plugins in general.

SEE ALSO         top

       rpm(8), rpm-plugins(8)

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                               28 Jan 2020              RPM-PRIORESET(8)