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RPM-IMA(8)                                                    RPM-IMA(8)

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       rpm-plugin-ima - IMA plugin for the RPM Package Manager

Description         top

       Integrity Measurement Architecture (IMA) and the Linux Extended
       Verification Module (EVM) allow to detect when files have been
       accidentally or maliciously altered.  This plugin puts IMA/EVM
       signatures in the security.ima extended file attribute during
       installation.  This requires packages to contain the signatures -
       typically by being signed with rpmsign --signfiles.

Configuration         top

       The %_ima_sign_config_files macro controls whether signatures
       should also be written for config files.

       See rpm-plugins(8) on how to control plugins in general.

SEE ALSO         top

       evmctl(1), rpmsign(8), rpm(8)

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                               28 Jan 2020                    RPM-IMA(8)

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