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RDMA-RESOURCE(8)                    Linux                   RDMA-RESOURCE(8)

NAME         top

       rdma-resource - rdma resource configuration

SYNOPSIS         top

       rdma [ OPTIONS ] RESOURCE { COMMAND | help }

       RESOURCE := { cm_id | cq | mr | pd | qp }

       OPTIONS := { -j[son] | -d[etails] }

       rdma resource show [ DEV/PORT_INDEX ]

       rdma resource help

DESCRIPTION         top

   rdma resource show - display rdma resource tracking information
       DEV/PORT_INDEX - specifies the RDMA link to show.  If this argument
       is omitted all links are listed.

EXAMPLES         top

       rdma resource show
           Shows summary for all devices on the system.

       rdma resource show mlx5_2
           Shows the state of specified rdma device.

       rdma res show qp link mlx5_4
           Get all QPs for the specific device.

       rdma res show qp link mlx5_4/1
           Get QPs of specific port.

       rdma res show qp link mlx5_4/0
           Provide illegal port number (0 is illegal).

       rdma res show qp link mlx5_4/-
           Get QPs which have not assigned port yet.

       rdma res show qp link mlx5_4/- -d
           Detailed view.

       rdma res show qp link mlx5_4/- -dd
           Detailed view including driver-specific details.

       rdma res show qp link mlx5_4/1 lqpn 0-6
           Limit to specific Local QPNs.

       rdma res show qp link mlx5_4/1 lqpn 6 -r
           Driver specific details in raw format.

       rdma resource show cm_id dst-port 7174
           Show CM_IDs with destination ip port of 7174.

       rdma resource show cm_id src-addr
           Show CM_IDs bound to local ip address

       rdma resource show cq pid 30489
           Show CQs belonging to pid 30489

SEE ALSO         top

       rdma(8), rdma-dev(8), rdma-link(8), rdma-statistic(8),

AUTHOR         top

       Leon Romanovsky <leonro@mellanox.com>

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