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RQUOTAD(8)               System Manager's Manual              RQUOTAD(8)

NAME         top

       quota_nld - quota netlink message daemon

SYNOPSIS         top

       quota_nld [[ -D | -C ][ -F ][ -b ]]

DESCRIPTION         top

       quota_nld listens on netlink socket and processes received quota
       warnings. By default quota_nld forwards warning messages to both
       the system's DBUS (so that the desktop manager can display a
       dialog) and the last-accessed terminal of the user to whom each
       warning is directed. Either of these destinations can be disabled
       with the -D and -C options, respectively.

       In the case of the user's terminal, quota messages about falling
       below the hard and soft limits are not sent unless the -b option
       is specified. In the case of the DBUS, all quota messages are

       Note, that you have to enable the kernel support for sending
       quota messages over netlink (in Filesystems->Quota menu).

OPTIONS         top

       -V, --version
              Show version of quota tools and exit.

       -h, --help
              Show a usage message and exit.

       -D, --no-dbus
              Do not forward quota warnings to DBUS.

       -C, --no-console
              Do not print quota warnings to the user's last-accessed

       -b, --print-below
              If quota warnings are printed to users' terminals, include
              messages about falling below their hard and soft limits.

       -F, --foreground
              Run daemon in foreground (may be useful for debugging

SEE ALSO         top

       quota(1), netlink(7), dbus.freedesktop.org

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