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MKINITRD(8)                      dracut                      MKINITRD(8)

NAME         top

       mkinitrd - is a compat wrapper, which calls dracut to generate an

SYNOPSIS         top

       mkinitrd [OPTION...] [<initrd-image>] <kernel-version>

DESCRIPTION         top

       mkinitrd creates an initramfs image <initrd-image> for the kernel
       with version <kernel-version> by calling "dracut".

           If a more fine grained control over the resulting image is
           needed, "dracut" should be called directly.

OPTIONS         top

           print info about the version

       -v, --verbose
           increase verbosity level

       -f, --force
           overwrite existing initramfs file.

           append the kernel version to the target image

           add the kernel module <module> to the initramfs.

           preload the kernel module <module> in the initramfs before
           any other kernel modules are loaded. This can be used to
           ensure a certain device naming, which should in theory be
           avoided and the use of symbolic links in /dev is encouraged.

           do not compress the resulting image.

           print a help message and exit.

AVAILABILITY         top

       The mkinitrd command is part of the dracut package and is
       available from 

AUTHORS         top

       Harald Hoyer

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