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KEY.DNS_RESOLVER(8)  Linux Key Management Utilities  KEY.DNS_RESOLVER(8)

NAME         top

       key.dns_resolver - upcall for request-key to handle dns_resolver

SYNOPSIS         top

       /sbin/key.dns_resolver <key>
       /sbin/key.dns_resolver --dump-config [-c <configfile>]
       /sbin/key.dns_resolver -D [-v] [-v] [-c <configfile>] <desc>

DESCRIPTION         top

       This program is invoked by request-key on behalf of the kernel
       when kernel services (such as NFS, CIFS and AFS) want to perform
       a hostname lookup and the kernel does not have the key cached.
       It is not ordinarily intended to be called directly.

       There program has internal parameters that can be changed with a
       configuration file (see key.dns_resolver.conf(5) for more
       information).  The default configuration file is in /etc, but
       this can be overridden with the -c flag.

       The program can be called in debugging mode to test its
       functionality by passing a -D or --debug flag on the command
       line.  For this to work, the key description and the callout
       information must be supplied.  Verbosity can be increased by
       supplying one or more -v flags.

       The program may also be called with --dump-config to show the
       values that configurable parameters will have after parsing the
       config file.

ERRORS         top

       All errors will be logged to the syslog.

SEE ALSO         top

       key.dns_resolver.conf(5), request-key.conf(5), keyrings(7),

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