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KEY.DN...ER.CONF(5)  Linux Key Management Utilities  KEY.DN...ER.CONF(5)

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       key.dns_resolver.conf - Kernel DNS resolver config

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       This file is used by the key.dns_resolver(5) program to set
       parameters.  Unless otherwise overridden with the -c flag, the
       program reads:


       Configuration options are given in key[=value] form, where value
       is optional.  If present, the value may be surrounded by a pair
       of single ('') or double quotes ("") which will be stripped off.
       The special characters in the value may be escaped with a
       backslash to turn them into ordinary characters.

       Lines beginning with a '#' are considered comments and ignored.
       A '#' symbol anywhere after the '=' makes the rest of the line
       into a comment unless the '#' is inside a quoted section or is

       Leading and trailing spaces and spaces around the '=' symbol will
       be stripped off.

       Available options include:

              The number of seconds to set as the expiration on a cached
              record.  This will be overridden if the program manages to
              retrieve TTL information along with the addresses (if, for
              example, it accesses the DNS directly).  The default is 5
              seconds.  The value must be in the range 1 to INT_MAX.

       The file can also include comments beginning with a '#' character
       unless otherwise suppressed by being inside a quoted value or
       being escaped with a backslash.

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