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GETCAP(8)                  System Manager's Manual                 GETCAP(8)

NAME         top

       getcap - examine file capabilities

SYNOPSIS         top

       getcap [-v] [-n] [-r] [-h] filename [ ... ]

DESCRIPTION         top

       getcap displays the name and capabilities of each specified

OPTIONS         top

       -h  prints quick usage.

       -n  prints any non-zero namespace rootid value found to be associated
           with a file's capabilities.

       -r  enables recursive search.

       -v  enables to display all searched entries, even if it has no file-

           One file per line.

REPORTING BUGS         top

       Please report bugs via:

SEE ALSO         top

       cap_get_file(3), cap_to_text(3), setcap(8)

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Pages that refer to this page: capsh(1)capabilities(7)getpcaps(8)setcap(8)