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FINDFS(8)                 System Administration                FINDFS(8)

NAME         top

       findfs - find a filesystem by label or UUID

SYNOPSIS         top

       findfs NAME=value

DESCRIPTION         top

       findfs will search the block devices in the system looking for a
       filesystem or partition with specified tag. The currently
       supported tags are:

              Specifies filesystem label.

              Specifies filesystem UUID.

              Specifies partition UUID. This partition identifier is
              supported for example for GUID  Partition  Table (GPT)
              partition tables.

              Specifies partition label (name). The partition labels are
              supported for example for GUID Partition Table (GPT) or
              MAC partition tables.

       If the filesystem or partition is found, the device name will be
       printed on stdout.

       The complete overview about filesystems and partitions you can
       get for example by

              lsblk --fs

              partx --show <disk>


EXIT STATUS         top

              0      success
              1      label or uuid cannot be found
              2      usage error, wrong number of arguments or unknown

ENVIRONMENT         top

              enables libblkid debug output.

AUTHORS         top

       findfs was originally written by Theodore Ts'o ⟨⟩
       and re-written for the util-linux package by Karel Zak

SEE ALSO         top

       blkid(8), lsblk(8), partx(8)

AVAILABILITY         top

       The findfs command is part of the util-linux package and is
       available from Linux Kernel Archive 

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util-linux                     March 2014                      FINDFS(8)

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