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NAME         top

       ttytype - terminal device to default terminal type mapping

DESCRIPTION         top

       The /etc/ttytype file associates termcap(5) and terminfo(5)
       terminal type names with tty lines.  Each line consists of a
       terminal type, followed by whitespace, followed by a tty name (a
       device name without the /dev/ prefix).

       This association is used by the program tset(1) to set the
       environment variable TERM to the default terminal name for the
       user's current tty.

       This facility was designed for a traditional time-sharing
       environment featuring character-cell terminals hardwired to a
       UNIX minicomputer.  It is little used on modern workstation and
       personal UNIX systems.

FILES         top

              the tty definitions file.

EXAMPLES         top

       A typical /etc/ttytype is:

           con80x25 tty1
           vt320 ttys0

SEE ALSO         top

       termcap(5), terminfo(5), agetty(8), mingetty(8)

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