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       slapd-null - Null backend to slapd

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       The Null backend to slapd(8) is surely the most useful part of
       - Searches return success but no entries.
       - Compares return compareFalse.
       - Updates return success (unless readonly is on) but do nothing.
       - Binds other than as the rootdn fail unless the database option
       "bind on" is given.
       - The slapadd(8) and slapcat(8) tools are equally exciting.
       Inspired by the /dev/null device.


       This slapd.conf option applies to the NULL backend database.
       That is, it must follow a "database null" line and come before
       any subsequent "database" lines.  Other database options are
       described in the slapd.conf(5) manual page.

       bind <on/off>
              Allow binds as any DN in this backend's suffix, with any
              password.  The default is "off".

       dosearch <on/off>
              If enabled, a single entry will be returned on all search
              requests.  The entry's DN will be the same as the database
              suffix.  The default is "off".

EXAMPLE         top

       Here is a possible slapd.conf extract using the Null backend:

              database null
              suffix   "cn=Nothing"
              bind     on

ACCESS CONTROL         top

       The null backend does not honor any of the access control
       semantics described in slapd.access(5).

FILES         top

              default slapd configuration file

SEE ALSO         top

       slapd.conf(5), slapd(8), slapadd(8), slapcat(8).

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