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proc_pid_mounts(5)         File Formats Manual        proc_pid_mounts(5)

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       /proc/pid/mounts - mounted filesystems

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       /proc/pid/mounts (since Linux 2.4.19)
              This file lists all the filesystems currently mounted in
              the process's mount namespace (see mount_namespaces(7)).
              The format of this file is documented in fstab(5).

              Since Linux 2.6.15, this file is pollable: after opening
              the file for reading, a change in this file (i.e., a
              filesystem mount or unmount) causes select(2) to mark the
              file descriptor as having an exceptional condition, and
              poll(2) and epoll_wait(2) mark the file as having a
              priority event (POLLPRI).  (Before Linux 2.6.30, a change
              in this file was indicated by the file descriptor being
              marked as readable for select(2), and being marked as
              having an error condition for poll(2) and epoll_wait(2).)

              Before Linux 2.4.19, this file was a list of all the
              filesystems currently mounted on the system.  With the
              introduction of per-process mount namespaces in Linux
              2.4.19 (see mount_namespaces(7)), this file became a link
              to /proc/self/mounts, which lists the mounts of the
              process's own mount namespace.  The format of this file is
              documented in fstab(5).

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