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proc_pid_environ(5)        File Formats Manual       proc_pid_environ(5)

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       /proc/pid/environ - initial environment

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              This file contains the initial environment that was set
              when the currently executing program was started via
              execve(2).  The entries are separated by null bytes
              ('\0'), and there may be a null byte at the end.  Thus, to
              print out the environment of process 1, you would do:

                  $ cat /proc/1/environ | tr '\000' '\n'

              If, after an execve(2), the process modifies its
              environment (e.g., by calling functions such as putenv(3)
              or modifying the environ(7) variable directly), this file
              will not reflect those changes.

              Furthermore, a process may change the memory location that
              this file refers via prctl(2) operations such as

              Permission to access this file is governed by a ptrace
              access mode PTRACE_MODE_READ_FSCREDS check; see ptrace(2).

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