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       ethers - Ethernet address to IP number database

       /etc/ethers contains 48 bit Ethernet addresses and their
       corresponding IP numbers, one line for each IP number:

              Ethernet-address  IP-number

       The two items are separated by any number of SPACE and/or TAB
       characters.  A # at the beginning of a line starts a comment which
       extends to the end of the line.  The Ethernet-address is written as
       x:x:x:x:x:x, where x is a hexadecimal number between 0 and ff which
       represents one byte of the address, which is in network byte order
       (big-endian).  The IP-number may be a hostname which can be resolved
       by DNS or a dot separated number.

       08:00:20:00:61:CA  pal



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