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NAME         top

       pmID_build, pmID_domain, pmID_cluster, pmID_item - helper methods for
       manipulating PMIDs

C SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <pcp/pmapi.h>

       pmID pmID_build(unsigned int domain, unsigned int cluster, unsigned
       int item);
       unsigned int pmID_domain(pmID pmid);
       unsigned int pmID_cluster(pmID pmid);
       unsigned int pmID_item(pmID pmid);

       cc ... -lpcp

DESCRIPTION         top

       Within the Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) each metric is assigned a
       unique Performance Metric Identifier (pmID).  Internally a pmID is
       constructed from 3 fields: the domain number (of the associated
       Performance Metrics Domain Agent, or PMDA), the cluster number and
       the item number (the last two are assigned by the PMDA).

       pmID_build constructs a pmID from domain, cluster and item.

       pmID_domain, pmID_cluster and pmID_item return the respective fields
       from pmid.

SEE ALSO         top

       PMAPI(3) and pmIDStr(3).

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