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PMUSEZONE(3)            Library Functions Manual            PMUSEZONE(3)

NAME         top

       pmUseZone - re-establish a reporting timezone

C SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <pcp/pmapi.h>

       int pmUseZone(const int tz_handle);

       cc ... -lpcp

DESCRIPTION         top

       The current reporting timezone effects the timezone used by
       pmCtime(3) and pmLocaltime(3).

       The argument tz_handle identifies a reporting timezone as
       previously established by a call to pmNewZone(3) or
       pmNewContextZone(3), and this becomes the current reporting

DIAGNOSTICS         top

       A return value less than zero indicates the value of tz_handle is
       not legal.

SEE ALSO         top

       PMAPI(3), pmCtime(3), pmLocaltime(3), pmNewContextZone(3),
       pmNewZone(3) and pmWhichZone(3).

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