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PMSTORE(3)                Library Functions Manual                PMSTORE(3)

NAME         top

       pmStore - modify values of performance metrics

C SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <pcp/pmapi.h>

       int pmStore(const pmResult *result);

       cc ... -lpcp

DESCRIPTION         top

       In some special cases it may be helpful to modify the current values
       of performance metrics, e.g. to reset a counter to zero, or to modify
       a ``metric'' which is a control variable for some agent collecting
       performance metrics.

       The routine pmStore is a lightweight inverse of pmFetch(3).

       The caller must build the pmResult data structure (of course, this
       could have been returned from an earlier pmFetch(3) call) and then
       call pmStore.

       It is an error to pass a request to pmStore in which the numval field
       within any of the pmValueSet structure has a value less than one.

       The current Performance Metrics Application Programming Interface
       (PMAPI) context must be one with a host as the source of metrics, and
       the current value of the nominated metrics will be changed, i.e.
       pmStore cannot be used to make retrospective changes to information
       in either the archive logs, or in the recent past for real-time
       sources of metrics.

       The return code from pmStore is zero for success.

SEE ALSO         top

       PMAPI(3), pmFetch(3) and pmSetMode(3).

DIAGNOSTICS         top

              At least one of the modifications was rejected.  No other
              status is available from below the PMAPI (this is the
              lightweight part of the functionality!).  In cases where the
              outcome of pmStore for individual metrics is important, the
              caller should make one call to pmStore for each metric. On the
              other hand, a bulk modification can be performed in a single
              pmStore call for situations in which the outcome is not

              The current PMAPI context is an archive rather than a host, or
              it is a host that is not set to the current time, i.e. has
              been ``rewound'' to the recent past using pmSetMode(3).

              The number of metrics specified in result is less than one.

              One or more of the pmValueSets in result has a numval field
              with a value less than one.

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