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MLX5DV_TS_TO_NS(3)        Library Functions Manual        MLX5DV_TS_TO_NS(3)

NAME         top

       mlx5dv_ts_to_ns  - Convert device timestamp from HCA core clock units
       to the corresponding nanosecond counts

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <infiniband/mlx5dv.h>

       uint64_t mlx5dv_ts_to_ns(struct mlx5dv_clock_info *clock_info,
                            uint64_t device_timestamp);

DESCRIPTION         top

       mlx5dv_ts_to_ns(3) Converts a host byte order device_timestamp from
       HCA core clock units into the corresponding nanosecond wallclock

       struct mlx5dv_clock_info can be retrieved using

       The greater the difference between the device reporting a timestamp
       and the last mlx5dv_clock_info update, the greater the inaccuracy of
       the clock time conversion.

RETURN VALUE         top

       Timestamp in nanoseconds

SEE ALSO         top

       mlx5dv(7), mlx5dv_get_clock_info(3), mlx5dv_query_device(3)

AUTHORS         top

       Feras Daoud <>

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1.0.0                            2017-11-08               MLX5DV_TS_TO_NS(3)

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