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MALLOC_STATS(3)         Linux Programmer's Manual        MALLOC_STATS(3)

NAME         top

       malloc_stats - print memory allocation statistics

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <malloc.h>

       void malloc_stats(void);

DESCRIPTION         top

       The malloc_stats() function prints (on standard error) statistics
       about memory allocated by malloc(3) and related functions.  For
       each arena (allocation area), this function prints the total
       amount of memory allocated and the total number of bytes consumed
       by in-use allocations.  (These two values correspond to the arena
       and uordblks fields retrieved by mallinfo(3).)  In addition, the
       function prints the sum of these two statistics for all arenas,
       and the maximum number of blocks and bytes that were ever
       simultaneously allocated using mmap(2).

ATTRIBUTES         top

       For an explanation of the terms used in this section, see

       │Interface                             Attribute     Value   │
       │malloc_stats()                        │ Thread safety │ MT-Safe │

CONFORMING TO         top

       This function is a GNU extension.

NOTES         top

       More detailed information about memory allocations in the main
       arena can be obtained using mallinfo(3).

SEE ALSO         top

       mmap(2), mallinfo(3), malloc(3), malloc_info(3), mallopt(3)

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