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NAME         top

       io_uring_prep_cancel - prepare a cancelation request

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <liburing.h>

       void io_uring_prep_cancel64(struct io_uring_sqe *sqe,
                                   __u64 user_data,
                                   int flags);

       void io_uring_prep_cancel(struct io_uring_sqe *sqe,
                                 void *user_data,
                                 int flags);

       void io_uring_prep_cancel_fd(struct io_uring_sqe *sqe,
                                 int fd,
                                 int flags);

DESCRIPTION         top

       The io_uring_prep_cancel(3) function prepares a cancelation
       request. The submission queue entry sqe is prepared to cancel an
       existing request identified by user_data.  For the flags
       argument, see below.

       io_uring_prep_cancel64(3) is identical to
       io_uring_prep_cancel(3), except it takes a 64-bit integer rather
       than a pointer type.

       The cancelation request will attempt to find the previously
       issued request identified by user_data and cancel it. The
       identifier is what the previously issued request has in their
       user_data field in the SQE.

       The io_uring_prep_cancel_fd(3) function prepares a cancelation
       request. The submission queue entry sqe is prepared to cancel an
       existing request that used the file descriptor fd.  For the flags
       argument, see below.

       The cancelation request will attempt to find the previously
       issued request that used fd as the file descriptor and cancel it.

       By default, the first request matching the criteria given will be
       canceled.  This can be modified with any of the following flags
       passed in:

              Cancel all requests that match the given criteria, rather
              than just canceling the first one found. Available since

              Match based on the file descriptor used in the original
              request rather than the user_data. This is what
              io_uring_prep_cancel_fd(3) sets up. Available since 5.19.

              Set in conjunction with IORING_ASYNC_CANCEL_FD ,
              indicating that the file descriptor given is a direct
              descriptor rather than a normal file descriptor. Available
              since 6.0.

              Match any request in the ring, regardless of user_data or
              file descriptor.  Can be used to cancel any pending
              request in the ring. Available since 5.19.

RETURN VALUE         top


ERRORS         top

       These are the errors that are reported in the CQE res field. If
       no flags are used to cancel multiple requests, 0 is returned on
       success. If flags are used to match multiple requests, then a
       positive value is returned indicating how many requests were
       found and canceled.

              The request identified by user_data could not be located.
              This could be because it completed before the cancelation
              request was issued, or if an invalid identifier is used.

              One of the fields set in the SQE was invalid.

              The execution state of the request has progressed far
              enough that cancelation is no longer possible. This should
              normally mean that it will complete shortly, either
              successfully, or interrupted due to the cancelation.

NOTES         top

       Although the cancelation request uses async request syntax, the
       kernel side of the cancelation is always run synchronously. It is
       guaranteed that a CQE is always generated by the time the cancel
       request has been submitted. If the cancelation is successful, the
       completion for the request targeted for cancelation will have
       been posted by the time submission returns. For -EALREADY it may
       take a bit of time to do so. For this case, the caller must wait
       for the canceled request to post its completion event.

SEE ALSO         top

       io_uring_prep_poll_remove(3), io_uring_get_sqe(3),

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