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io_uring_cq_advance(3)       liburing Manual      io_uring_cq_advance(3)

NAME         top

       io_uring_cq_advance - mark one or more io_uring completion events
       as consumed

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <liburing.h>

       void io_uring_cq_advance(struct io_uring *ring,
                                 unsigned nr);

DESCRIPTION         top

       The io_uring_cq_advance(3) function marks nr IO completions
       belonging to the ring param as consumed.

       After the caller has submitted a request with io_uring_submit(3),
       the application can retrieve the completion with
       io_uring_wait_cqe(3), io_uring_peek_cqe(3), or any of the other
       CQE retrieval helpers, and mark it as consumed with

       The function io_uring_cqe_seen(3) calls the function

       Completions must be marked as seen, so their slot can get reused.
       Failure to do so will result in the same completion being
       returned on the next invocation.

RETURN VALUE         top


SEE ALSO         top

       io_uring_submit(3), io_uring_wait_cqe(3), io_uring_peek_cqe(3),
       io_uring_wait_cqes(3), io_uring_wait_cqe_timeout(3),

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liburing-2.1                January 25, 2022      io_uring_cq_advance(3)

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