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NGETTEXT(3)               Library Functions Manual               NGETTEXT(3)

NAME         top

       ngettext, dngettext, dcngettext - translate message and choose plural

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <libintl.h>

       char * ngettext (const char * msgid, const char * msgid_plural,
                        unsigned long int n);
       char * dngettext (const char * domainname,
                         const char * msgid, const char * msgid_plural,
                         unsigned long int n);
       char * dcngettext (const char * domainname,
                          const char * msgid, const char * msgid_plural,
                          unsigned long int n, int category);

DESCRIPTION         top

       The ngettext, dngettext and dcngettext functions attempt to translate
       a text string into the user's native language, by looking up the
       appropriate plural form of the translation in a message catalog.

       Plural forms are grammatical variants depending on the a number. Some
       languages have two forms, called singular and plural. Other languages
       have three forms, called singular, dual and plural. There are also
       languages with four forms.

       The ngettext, dngettext and dcngettext functions work like the
       gettext, dgettext and dcgettext functions, respectively.
       Additionally, they choose the appropriate plural form, which depends
       on the number n and the language of the message catalog where the
       translation was found.

       In the "C" locale, or if none of the used catalogs contain a
       translation for msgid, the ngettext, dngettext and dcngettext
       functions return msgid if n == 1, or msgid_plural if n != 1.

RETURN VALUE         top

       If a translation was found in one of the specified catalogs, the
       appropriate plural form is converted to the locale's codeset and
       returned. The resulting string is statically allocated and must not
       be modified or freed. Otherwise msgid or msgid_plural is returned, as
       described above.

ERRORS         top

       errno is not modified.

BUGS         top

       The return type ought to be const char *, but is char * to avoid
       warnings in C code predating ANSI C.

SEE ALSO         top

       gettext(3), dgettext(3), dcgettext(3)

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GNU gettext       May 2001                       NGETTEXT(3)

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