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NFSSERVCTL(2)           Linux Programmer's Manual          NFSSERVCTL(2)

NAME         top

       nfsservctl - syscall interface to kernel nfs daemon

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <linux/nfsd/syscall.h>

       long nfsservctl(int cmd, struct nfsctl_arg *argp,
                       union nfsctl_res *resp);

DESCRIPTION         top

       Note: Since Linux 3.1, this system call no longer exists.  It has
       been replaced by a set of files in the nfsd filesystem; see

            * These are the commands understood by nfsctl().
           #define NFSCTL_SVC        0  /* This is a server process. */
           #define NFSCTL_ADDCLIENT  1  /* Add an NFS client. */
           #define NFSCTL_DELCLIENT  2  /* Remove an NFS client. */
           #define NFSCTL_EXPORT     3  /* Export a filesystem. */
           #define NFSCTL_UNEXPORT   4  /* Unexport a filesystem. */
           #define NFSCTL_UGIDUPDATE 5  /* Update a client's UID/GID map
                                           (only in Linux 2.4.x and earlier). */
           #define NFSCTL_GETFH      6  /* Get a file handle (used by mountd)
                                           (only in Linux 2.4.x and earlier). */

           struct nfsctl_arg {
               int                       ca_version;     /* safeguard */
               union {
                   struct nfsctl_svc     u_svc;
                   struct nfsctl_client  u_client;
                   struct nfsctl_export  u_export;
                   struct nfsctl_uidmap  u_umap;
                   struct nfsctl_fhparm  u_getfh;
                   unsigned int          u_debug;
               } u;

           union nfsctl_res {
                   struct knfs_fh          cr_getfh;
                   unsigned int            cr_debug;

RETURN VALUE         top

       On success, zero is returned.  On error, -1 is returned, and
       errno is set to indicate the error.

VERSIONS         top

       This system call was removed from the Linux kernel in version
       3.1.  Library support was removed from glibc in version 2.28.

CONFORMING TO         top

       This call is Linux-specific.

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