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PR_SET_DUMPABLE(2const)                          PR_SET_DUMPABLE(2const)

NAME         top

       PR_SET_DUMPABLE - set the "dumpable" attribute of the calling

LIBRARY         top

       Standard C library (libc, -lc)

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <linux/prctl.h>  /* Definition of PR_* constants */
       #include <sys/prctl.h>

       int prctl(PR_SET_DUMPABLE, long dumpable);

DESCRIPTION         top

       Set the state of the "dumpable" attribute, which determines
       whether core dumps are produced for the calling process upon
       delivery of a signal whose default behavior is to produce a core

       dumpable must be either 0L (SUID_DUMP_DISABLE, process is not
       dumpable) or 1L (SUID_DUMP_USER, process is dumpable).

       Normally, the "dumpable" attribute is set to 1.  However, it is
       reset to the current value contained in the file /proc/sys/fs/
       suid_dumpable (which by default has the value 0), in the
       following circumstances:

       •  The process's effective user or group ID is changed.

       •  The process's filesystem user or group ID is changed (see

       •  The process executes (execve(2)) a set-user-ID or set-group-ID
          program, resulting in a change of either the effective user ID
          or the effective group ID.

       •  The process executes (execve(2)) a program that has file
          capabilities (see capabilities(7)), but only if the permitted
          capabilities gained exceed those already permitted for the

       Processes that are not dumpable can not be attached via ptrace(2)
       PTRACE_ATTACH; see ptrace(2) for further details.

       If a process is not dumpable, the ownership of files in the
       process's /proc/pid directory is affected as described in

RETURN VALUE         top

       On success, 0 is returned.  On error, -1 is returned, and errno
       is set to indicate the error.

ERRORS         top

       EINVAL arg2 is neither SUID_DUMP_DISABLE nor SUID_DUMP_USER.

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HISTORY         top

       Linux 2.3.20.

       Between Linux 2.6.13 and Linux 2.6.17, the value 2L was also
       permitted, which caused any binary which normally would not be
       dumped to be dumped readable by root only; for security reasons,
       this feature has been removed.  (See also the description of
       /proc/sys/fs/suid_dumpable in proc_sys_fs(5).)

SEE ALSO         top

       prctl(2), PR_SET_DUMPABLE(2const)

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