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TRACE-CMD-STREAM(1)                                  TRACE-CMD-STREAM(1)

NAME         top

       trace-cmd-stream - stream a trace to stdout as it is happening

SYNOPSIS         top

       trace-cmd stream [OPTIONS] [command]

DESCRIPTION         top

       The trace-cmd(1) stream will start tracing just like
       trace-cmd-record(1), except it will not record to a file and
       instead it will read the binary buffer as it is happening,
       convert it to a human readable format and write it to stdout.

       This is basically the same as trace-cmd-start(1) and then doing a
       trace-cmd-show(1) with the -p option. trace-cmd-stream is not as
       efficient as reading from the pipe file as most of the stream
       work is done in userspace. This is useful if it is needed to do
       the work mostly in userspace instead of the kernel, and stream
       also helps to debug trace-cmd-profile(1) which uses the stream
       code to perform the live data analysis for the profile.

OPTIONS         top

           These are the same as trace-cmd-record(1), except that it does not take
           the *-o* option.

SEE ALSO         top

       trace-cmd(1), trace-cmd-record(1), trace-cmd-report(1),
       trace-cmd-start(1), trace-cmd-stop(1), trace-cmd-reset(1),
       trace-cmd-split(1), trace-cmd-list(1), trace-cmd-listen(1)

AUTHOR         top

       Written by Steven Rostedt, <[1]>

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       Copyright (C) 2014 Red Hat, Inc. Free use of this software is
       granted under the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL).

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                               05/27/2020            TRACE-CMD-STREAM(1)