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SYSTEMD-DELTA(1)              systemd-delta             SYSTEMD-DELTA(1)

NAME         top

       systemd-delta - Find overridden configuration files

SYNOPSIS         top

       systemd-delta [OPTIONS...] [PREFIX[/SUFFIX]|SUFFIX...]

DESCRIPTION         top

       systemd-delta may be used to identify and compare configuration
       files that override other configuration files. Files in /etc/
       have highest priority, files in /run/ have the second highest
       priority, ..., files in /usr/lib/ have lowest priority. Files in
       a directory with higher priority override files with the same
       name in directories of lower priority. In addition, certain
       configuration files can have ".d" directories which contain
       "drop-in" files with configuration snippets which augment the
       main configuration file. "Drop-in" files can be overridden in the
       same way by placing files with the same name in a directory of
       higher priority (except that, in case of "drop-in" files, both
       the "drop-in" file name and the name of the containing directory,
       which corresponds to the name of the main configuration file,
       must match). For a fuller explanation, see systemd.unit(5).

       The command line argument will be split into a prefix and a
       suffix. Either is optional. The prefix must be one of the
       directories containing configuration files (/etc/, /run/,
       /usr/lib/, ...). If it is given, only overriding files contained
       in this directory will be shown. Otherwise, all overriding files
       will be shown. The suffix must be a name of a subdirectory
       containing configuration files like tmpfiles.d, sysctl.d or
       systemd/system. If it is given, only configuration files in this
       subdirectory (across all configuration paths) will be analyzed.
       Otherwise, all configuration files will be analyzed. If the
       command line argument is not given at all, all configuration
       files will be analyzed. See below for some examples.

OPTIONS         top

       The following options are understood:

       -t, --type=
           When listing the differences, only list those that are asked
           for. The list itself is a comma-separated list of desired
           difference types.

           Recognized types are:

               Show masked files

               Show overridden files that while overridden, do not
               differ in content.

               Show files that are redirected to another.

               Show overridden, and changed files.

               Show *.conf files in drop-in directories for units.

               Added in version 205.

               Show unmodified files too.

           When showing modified files, when a file is overridden show a
           diff as well. This option takes a boolean argument. If
           omitted, it defaults to true.

       -h, --help
           Print a short help text and exit.

           Print a short version string and exit.

           Do not pipe output into a pager.

EXAMPLES         top

       To see all local configuration:


       To see all runtime configuration:

           systemd-delta /run

       To see all system unit configuration changes:

           systemd-delta systemd/system

       To see all runtime "drop-in" changes for system units:

           systemd-delta --type=extended /run/systemd/system

EXIT STATUS         top

       On success, 0 is returned, a non-zero failure code otherwise.

SEE ALSO         top

       systemd(1), systemd.unit(5)

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