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STAP-PREP(1)             General Commands Manual            STAP-PREP(1)

NAME         top

       stap-prep - prepare system for systemtap use

SYNOPSIS         top

       stap-prep [ KERNEL_VERSION ]

DESCRIPTION         top

       The stap-prep executable prepares the system for systemtap use by
       installing kernel headers, debug symbols and build tools that
       match the currently running kernel or optionally the kernel
       version given by the user.

       If the debuginfod-find tool is installed and is able to fetch
       debuginfo for a kernel component, it is assumed to remain
       available later.  In this case, no debug symbols will be
       downloaded during stap-prep.

       The exact behavior of stap-prep may be customized by the
       distribution maintainers. It might for example only give
       suggestions and not actually install the required packages if
       that is difficult to automate.

EXAMPLES         top

              $ stap-prep
              Please install linux-image-3.2.0-2-amd64-dbg

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