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semind(1)                General Commands Manual               semind(1)

NAME         top

       semind - Semantic Indexer for C

SYNOPSIS         top

       semind [options]
       semind [options] add [command options] [--] [compiler options]
       semind [options] rm [command options] pattern
       semind [options] search [command options] [pattern]
       semind [options] search [command options] (-e|-l)

DESCRIPTION         top

       semind is the simple to use cscope-like tool based on
       sparse/dissect.  Unlike cscope it runs after pre-processor and
       thus it can't index the code filtered out by ifdef's, but otoh it
       understands how the symbol is used and it can track the usage of
       struct members.

SUBCOMMANDS         top

       add    generates or updates semantic index file.

       rm     removes files from the index by pattern. The pattern is a
              glob(7) wildcard pattern.

       search queries information about symbol by pattern. The pattern
              is a glob(7) wildcard pattern.

COMMON OPTIONS         top

       -D, --database=FILE
              specify database file (default: ./semind.sqlite).

       -v, --verbose
              show information about what is being done.

       -h, --help
              show this text and exit.

ADD OPTIONS         top

              include into the index local symbols.

SEARCH OPTIONS         top

       -f, --format=STRING
              specify an output format. Default: '(%m)
              %f\t%l\t%c\t%C\t%s' (see FORMAT below).

       -p, --path=PATTERN
              search symbols only in specified directories.

       -m, --mode=MODE
              search only the specified type of access (see MODE below).

       -k, --kind=KIND
              specify a kind of symbol (see KIND below).

       -e, --explain
              Show what happens in the specified file position;

       -l, --location
              Show usage of symbols from a specific file position;

       -v, --verbose
              show information about what is being done;

       -h, --help
              show this text and exit.

FORMAT         top

       %m     access mode in human readable form (see MODE below).

       %f     file name.

       %l     line number.

       %c     column number.

       %C     the name of the function in which the symbol occurs.

       %n     symbol name.

       %s     source code line. Indexer does not save source code lines.
              They are read from the file during the search.

KIND         top

       f      function

       s      strict

       m      struct member

MODE         top

       The MODE is dumped as a 3-letter string. The first letter denotes
       address of part, 2-nd - access by value, 3-rd - access by
       pointer. A special value 'def' means a symbol definition.

       r      read

       w      write

       m      read and write

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