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GIT-VERIFY-PACK(1)             Git Manual             GIT-VERIFY-PACK(1)

NAME         top

       git-verify-pack - Validate packed Git archive files

SYNOPSIS         top

       git verify-pack [-v|--verbose] [-s|--stat-only] [--] <pack>.idx ...

DESCRIPTION         top

       Reads given idx file for packed Git archive created with the git
       pack-objects command and verifies idx file and the corresponding
       pack file.

OPTIONS         top

       <pack>.idx ...
           The idx files to verify.

       -v, --verbose
           After verifying the pack, show list of objects contained in
           the pack and a histogram of delta chain length.

       -s, --stat-only
           Do not verify the pack contents; only show the histogram of
           delta chain length. With --verbose, list of objects is also

           Do not interpret any more arguments as options.

OUTPUT FORMAT         top

       When specifying the -v option the format used is:

           SHA-1 type size size-in-packfile offset-in-packfile

       for objects that are not deltified in the pack, and

           SHA-1 type size size-in-packfile offset-in-packfile depth base-SHA-1

       for objects that are deltified.

GIT         top

       Part of the git(1) suite

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