GIT-WRITE-TREE(1)                Git Manual                GIT-WRITE-TREE(1)

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       git-write-tree - Create a tree object from the current index

SYNOPSIS         top

       git write-tree [--missing-ok] [--prefix=<prefix>/]

DESCRIPTION         top

       Creates a tree object using the current index. The name of the new
       tree object is printed to standard output.

       The index must be in a fully merged state.

       Conceptually, git write-tree sync()s the current index contents into
       a set of tree files. In order to have that match what is actually in
       your directory right now, you need to have done a git update-index
       phase before you did the git write-tree.

OPTIONS         top

           Normally git write-tree ensures that the objects referenced by
           the directory exist in the object database. This option disables
           this check.

           Writes a tree object that represents a subdirectory <prefix>.
           This can be used to write the tree object for a subproject that
           is in the named subdirectory.

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       Part of the git(1) suite

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