GIT-UPDATE-SERVER()                                      GIT-UPDATE-SERVER()

NAME         top

       git-update-server-info - Update auxiliary info file to help dumb

SYNOPSIS         top

       git update-server-info [--force]

DESCRIPTION         top

       A dumb server that does not do on-the-fly pack generations must have
       some auxiliary information files in $GIT_DIR/info and
       $GIT_OBJECT_DIRECTORY/info directories to help clients discover what
       references and packs the server has. This command generates such
       auxiliary files.

OPTIONS         top

       -f, --force
           Update the info files from scratch.

OUTPUT         top

       Currently the command updates the following files. Please see
       gitrepository-layout(5) for description of what they are for:

       ·   objects/info/packs

       ·   info/refs

GIT         top

       Part of the git(1) suite

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