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YUM-COPR(8)                  yum-plugin-copr                 YUM-COPR(8)

NAME         top

       yum-plugin-copr - YUM copr Plugin

       Work with Copr & Playground repositories on the local system.

       • The copr command is used to add or remove Copr repositories to
         the local system

       • The playground is used to enable or disable the Playground

SYNOPSIS         top

       yum copr [enable|disable|list|search] <parameters>

       yum playground [enable|disable|upgrade]

ARGUMENTS (COPR)         top

       enable name/project [chroot]
              Enable the name/project Copr repository with the optional

       disable name/project
              Disable the name/project Copr repository.

       list name
              List available Copr repositories for a given name.

       search project
              Search for a given project.


       enable Enable the Playground repository.

              Disable the Playground repository.

              Upgrade the Playground repository settings (same as
              disable and then enable).

EXAMPLES         top

       copr enable rhscl/perl516 epel-6-x86_64
              Enable the rhscl/perl516 Copr repository, using the
              epel-6-x86_64 chroot.

       copr disable rhscl/perl516
              Disable the rhscl/perl516 Copr repository

       copr list rita
              List available Copr projects for user rita.

       copr search tests
              Search for Copr projects named tests.

AUTHOR         top

       See AUTHORS in the Core DNF Plugins distribution

COPYRIGHT         top

       2014, Red Hat, Licensed under GPLv2+

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0.1.1                         July 29, 2014                  YUM-COPR(8)