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TIPC-NAMETABLE(8)                 Linux                TIPC-NAMETABLE(8)

NAME         top

       tipc-nametable - show TIPC nametable

SYNOPSIS         top

       tipc nametable show

OPTIONS         top

       Options (flags) that can be passed anywhere in the command chain.

       -h, --help

       -j, -json
              Output results in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

       -p, -pretty
              The default JSON format is compact and more efficient to
              parse but hard for most users to read.  This flag adds
              indentation for readability.

              Show help about last valid command. For example tipc
              nametable --help will show nametable help and tipc --help
              will show general help. The position of the option in the
              string is irrelevant.

DESCRIPTION         top

       The nametable shows TIPC publication information.

   Nametable format
              The 32-bit type field of the port name. The type field
              often indicates the class of service provided by a port.

              The lower bound of the 32-bit instance field of the port
              name.  The instance field is often used as a sub-class

              The upper bound of the 32-bit instance field of the port
              name.  The instance field is often used as a sub-class
              indicator.  A difference in lower and upper means the
              socket is bound to the port name range [lower,upper]

       Port Identity
              The unique socket (port) identifier within the TIPC
              cluster. The port identity consists of a node identity
              followed by a socket reference number.

              The publication ID is a random number used internally to
              represent a publication.

              The publication scope specifies the visibility of a bound
              port name.  The scope can be specified to comprise three
              different domains: node, cluster and zone.  Applications
              residing within the specified scope can see and access the
              port using the displayed port name.

EXIT STATUS         top

       Exit status is 0 if command was successful or a positive integer
       upon failure.

SEE ALSO         top

       tipc(8), tipc-bearer(8), tipc-link(8), tipc-media(8),
       tipc-node(8), tipc-peer(8), tipc-socket(8)

REPORTING BUGS         top

       Report any bugs to the Network Developers mailing list
       <netdev@vger.kernel.org> where the development and maintenance is
       primarily done.  You do not have to be subscribed to the list to
       send a message there.

AUTHOR         top

       Richard Alpe <richard.alpe@ericsson.com>

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iproute2                       02 Jun 2015             TIPC-NAMETABLE(8)

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