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Traffic control index filter(8)   Linux  Traffic control index filter(8)

NAME         top

       tcindex - traffic control index filter

SYNOPSIS         top

       tc filter ... tcindex [ hash SIZE ] [ mask MASK ] [ shift SHIFT ]
               [ pass_on | fall_through ] [ classid CLASSID ] [ action
               ACTION_SPEC ]

DESCRIPTION         top

       This filter allows one to match packets based on their tcindex
       field value, i.e. the combination of the DSCP and ECN fields as
       present in IPv4 and IPv6 headers.

OPTIONS         top

       action ACTION_SPEC
              Apply an action from the generic actions framework on
              matching packets.

       classid CLASSID
              Push matching packets into the class identified by

       hash SIZE
              Hash table size in entries to use. Defaults to 64.

       mask MASK
              An optional bitmask to binary AND to the packet's tcindex
              field before use.

       shift SHIFT
              The number of bits to right-shift a packet's tcindex value
              before use. If a mask has been set, masking is done before

              If this flag is set, failure to find a class for the
              resulting ID will make the filter fail and lead to the
              next filter being consulted.

              This is the opposite of pass_on and the default. The
              filter will classify the packet even if there is no class
              present for the resulting class ID.

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