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SYSTEMD...SERVICE(8) systemd-integritysetup@.serviceSYSTEMD...SERVICE(8)

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       systemd-integritysetup@.service, systemd-integritysetup - Disk
       integrity protection logic

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       systemd-integritysetup@.service is a service responsible for
       setting up integrity protected block devices. It should be
       instantiated for each device that requires integrity protection.

       At early boot and when the system manager configuration is
       reloaded, entries from integritytab(5) are converted into
       systemd-integritysetup@.service units by

       systemd-integritysetup@.service calls systemd-integritysetup.

COMMANDS         top

       The following commands are understood by systemd-integritysetup:

       attach volume device [key-file|-] [option(s)|-]
           Create a block device volume using device. See
           integritytab(5) and Kernel dm-integrity[1] documentation for

           Added in version 250.

       detach volume
           Detach (destroy) the block device volume.

           Added in version 250.

           Print short information about command syntax.

           Added in version 250.

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       systemd(1), integritytab(5), systemd-integritysetup-generator(8),

NOTES         top

        1. Kernel dm-integrity

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