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SYSTEM...ERATOR(8) systemd-hibernate-resume-generator SYSTEM...ERATOR(8)

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       systemd-hibernate-resume-generator - Unit generator for resume=
       kernel parameter

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       systemd-hibernate-resume-generator is a generator that initiates
       the procedure to resume the system from hibernation. It creates
       the systemd-hibernate-resume.service(8) unit according to the
       value of resume= parameter specified on the kernel command line,
       or the value of EFI variable HibernateLocation, which will
       instruct the kernel to resume the system from the hibernation
       image on that device.


       systemd-hibernate-resume-generator understands the following
       kernel command line parameters:

           Takes a path to the resume device. Both persistent block
           device paths like /dev/disk/by-foo/bar and fstab(5)-style
           specifiers like "FOO=bar" are supported.

           Added in version 217.

           Takes the page offset of the swap space from the resume
           device. Defaults to "0".

           Added in version 254.

           Takes the resume device mount options to use. Defaults
           rootflags= if not specified.

           Added in version 243.

           Do not try to resume from hibernation. If this parameter is
           present, resume= is ignored.

           Added in version 240.

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       systemd(1), systemd-hibernate-resume.service(8),

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