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SSH-PKCS11-HELPER(8)     System Manager's Manual    SSH-PKCS11-HELPER(8)

NAME         top

       ssh-pkcs11-helper — OpenSSH helper for PKCS#11 support

SYNOPSIS         top

       ssh-pkcs11-helper [-v]

DESCRIPTION         top

       ssh-pkcs11-helper is used by ssh(1), ssh-agent(1), and
       ssh-keygen(1) to access keys provided by a PKCS#11 token.

       ssh-pkcs11-helper is not intended to be invoked directly by the

       A single option is supported:

       -v      Verbose mode.  Causes ssh-pkcs11-helper to print
               debugging messages about its progress.  This is helpful
               in debugging problems.  Multiple -v options increase the
               verbosity.  The maximum is 3.

               Note that ssh(1), ssh-agent(1), and ssh-keygen(1) will
               automatically pass the -v flag to ssh-pkcs11-helper when
               they have themselves been placed in debug mode.

SEE ALSO         top

       ssh(1), ssh-agent(1), ssh-keygen(1)

HISTORY         top

       ssh-pkcs11-helper first appeared in OpenBSD 4.7.

AUTHORS         top

       Markus Friedl <>

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